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There is a simplicity and purity in Bach Flower Remedies and in fact Dr Bach encouraged us all to self- diagnose and treat. As well as offering the pre-mixed blends, we are happy to create a personalised blend, based on your own symptoms and character.

Please read the list below and tick those that apply most strongly. I can combine up to 7 flowers together but it is best to focus on a maximum of 3 or 4 (the most important/serious) at a time and then re-assess and use another blend as appropriate.

Alternatively I am always happy to create your blend based on an emailed account of the situation/s you face. Please try to describe your issues, your personality and character traits, and the emotions you are feeling as a consequence. I will do my best to reply, create a customised blend and ship it the next business day. If I need any additional information or there is a delay I will reply on the same day.

Almost all emotional or psychological problems can generally be eased by BFRs and please remember that there is no risk of ill-effects from the wrong essence.

If you want further information on the properties of each remedy, the sort of questions you may ask yourself and the positive effects they can have, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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Agrimony - Smiles hide inner worry or torment.

Aspen - Apprehension or anxious for no known reason.

Beech - Over critical, intolerant or judgmental towards others.

Centaury - Weak willed, subservient or find it hard to say 'no'.

Cerato - Lack of faith in your own judgment and seeking advice from others.

Cherry Plum - Fear of losing control, suicidal, on the edge.

Chestnut Bud - Failure to learn lessons from your or others' experiences.

Chicory - Possessive, needy, attention-seeking, controlling personality.

Clematis - Absentminded, living in the future, dreamy/fantasy.

Crab Apple - Feeling unclean physically or mentally, self conscious, self hate/harm, OCD.

Elm - Overwhelmed by your responsibility.

Gentian - Easily discouraged or negative, pessimistic after a setback.

Gorse - Despair or hopelessness, a loss of faith.

Heather - Over chatty, self-absorbed.

Holly - Anger, suspicion jealousy, envy, hatred.

Honeysuckle - Nostalgic or living in the past eg homesick, flashbacks, regrets.

Hornbeam - Slow or tired at the thought of getting going, mental tiredness, bored, procrastination.

Impatiens - Impatience, irritability.

Larch - Low self esteem, lacking confidence.

Mimulus - Nervousness, fear of known things eg illness, public speaking, dogs - perhaps timid or shy.

Mustard - Gloom and depression for no apparent reason.

Oak - Tired, drained physically and emotionally after a long battle - this is a strengthener.

Olive - Exhaustion, washed out.

Pine - Guilt, shame, apologetic, regrets, unworthiness sometimes for no reason.

Red Chestnut - Over concern for the safety and wellbeing of others.

Rock Rose - Extreme terror/fear, nightmares, feeling helpless.

Rock Water - Inner strictness and rigidity/inflexibility, self-denial/self punishment.

Scleranthus - Indecisive and unfocussed, changeable, confused mind.

Star of Bethlehem - Grief, shock, trauma, accident and also sadness.

Sweet Chestnut - Extreme mental anguish and despair, tearful.

Vervain - Over enthusiasm, perfectionism angry with injustices.

Vine - Dominating, stubborn, strong-willed or inflexible.

Walnut - difficulty moving forward or adapting, a need to break away or change from unwanted influences .

Water Violet - Talented, proud, reserved, superior or aloof personality.

White Chestnut - Persistent loops of worries, unwanted thoughts or mental arguments.

Wild Oat - Uncertain over lifes direction, being at a crossroads

Wild Rose - Lack of enthusiasm, apathy, resignation, no effort to change.

Willow - Resentment, self-pity, bitterness, being a victim in life.

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