Sophia McEwen

About Me - Sophia McEwen

Sophia is a healer specialising in Bach Flowers and Reiki. She has been through many of lifes challenges including bereavement of both parents, long term pain and illness from endometriosis, infertility, miscarriage, PMT, financial burdens, relationship issues and break up after 13 years, professional stress from a 20 year stint in the city, challenges of (late) motherhood amongst many others. She is an ex-smoker and has close hand experience of depression, adoption, addictions and abuse but those experiences have enabled her to have natural, genuine empathy and her positivity offers valuable support to others at times of need.

She has been using and offering Bach Flower Remedies to friends and family for some 20 years and continues to be impressed by the gentle but effective help they give to overcome lifes trials. 

She regularly receives wonderful feedback and features in Psychologies Magazine as well as others.