Wedding Stress

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Its every girls dream to have the perfect wedding but there are often many months of build up, high expectations and even higher expenses to add to the stress and inner turmoil of planning a big day. There are so many facets to organise and even with the best and most experienced help, it’s a real leap of faith to let them take over and pray that everything comes together on such an important occasion.

So it is easy to see how nervousness can build up and even the calmest bride can turn into bridezilla over a broken nail or spot outbreak. Most suffer from mood swings, anxiety, insomnia or even aggression and its usually your nearest and dearest who bear the brunt. But thankfully Bach Flower Blends can overcome emotional turmoil and help you get everything back into perspective.

Specifically for nervousness I would create a Bach Flower blend including  Aspen for reassurance and calm, Larch for confidence and Mimulus which counters anxiety, known fears, shyness and nervousness and promotes courage and faith, together with White Chestnut for persistent worries and loops of mental arguments. This would also help with sleep issues.

I would also look to add Cerato for trust in yourself and your decisions and Walnut which is particularly helpful in facing your fears during periods of change such as starting your new married life.

Bach Flower Blends can provide emotional support at every stage of your wedding, from detox and motivation for diets, focus, concentration and energy for juggling all the wedmin tasks, calm and relaxation for insomnia and anxiety relief for the big day when you may be overwhelmed at having to walk down the aisle without tripping, saying your vows and having the first dance in front of everyone.

My final advice for your special day would be to take a deep breath, remember you are surrounded by your closest friends and family who love you, and try to focus on your wonderful partner and true reasons for marriage. Take time to be alone with him now and then, and enjoy the many wonderful moments.

Dosage: Simply take 4 drops or so,  4 to 8 times a day. Many people find it easier to put the daily dose in water and sip in through the day. There is no risk of overdose and no ill effects or problems with taking medication, unless you are told to avoid all alcohol as there is some added as a preservative.